Patio Doors with the Same Features as our Michigan Window™

With the most efficient design and outstanding performance, you can maximize light, thermal efficiency, security and ease-of-operation with a patio door from D&W Windows

D&W Patio Doors utilize proprietary, high performance insulated glass technologies, including our advanced “Warm Edge” spacer system, to create a superior thermal barrier.

Maximize light while providing thermal efficiency

D&W patio doors maximize light while providing thermal efficiency, security and ease-of-operation. Choose from a selection of distinctive colors and grid patterns, as well as two, three, or four-panel door configurations. Multiple hardware options and a millwork look make for an attractive finish in our patio doors.

  • Dual tandem rollers provide effortless operation
  • Multi-point locking system and sturdy, full-length interlocking meeting rails provide enhanced security
  • Fusion-welded mainframe and sash deliver superior structural stability and weather resistance
  • Insulated glass system and vinyl material technology provide superior performance
  • Sliding doors conserve interior floor space when compared to hinged doors

How can someone find the best patio door for their home in Saginaw, Michigan?

D&W Windows and Sunrooms provide Saginaw, MI homeowners with a safe, protective, and attractive option for their patio doors. Our patio doors are identical to our popular “Michigan Window,” including our warm edge spacer mechanism that keeps drafts out and security and comfort in.

Coupled with our decades of expertise in the Saginaw MI area in replacing windows, our patio doors are at the top of the list for homeowners. Each locally manufactured patio door is made to ensure that you and your family are safe. They’re also designed for performance and efficiency that will last for years and years.

Why are D&W Windows & Sunrooms patio doors right for you?

Patio doors from D&W provide warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer, and exceptional natural light. They’re also easy to open and close thanks to dual tandem rollers; no more elbow-grease required when opening or shutting your patio door!

They also come with a multi-point locking system and interlocking meeting rails to keep your home in Saginaw, MI, as safe as possible. D&W Windows patio doors also protect your home from the elements with insulated glass, vinyl technology, a fusion-welded mainframe, and sash.

Our Saginaw, MI patio doors are available in two, three, or four-door designs to fit your house. They also come in a variety of colors and door types to match the distinctive interior and exterior design of your property.

Saginaw, MI homeowners find solutions at D&W Windows and Sunrooms.

Since 1955, D&W Windows and Sunrooms has been Saginaw, MI’s leading provider of patio doors. Our cutting-edge manufactured patio doors give homeowners a superior option for year-round comfort. Of course, homeowners want to be sure they’re making the best investment in their patio door replacement project. For quality construction and energy efficiency in Saginaw, MI, our experienced sales staff and exceptional customer service make replacing your patio door a wise choice.

We offer a free in-home consultation to the finding the ideal patio door for your Saginaw, MI home. Call us now at 800-833-9831 if you’d like to learn more about our patio doors.

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