The Michigan Window™: Made IN Michigan FOR Michigan Weather

Michigan's leading replacement window company

The Michigan Window™, the first and only window built to beat Michigan’s weather extremes. The Michigan Window™ has been engineered and finely tuned to perfectly combat the coldest winters and the hottest summers. D&W has combined over 60 years of window experience with features exclusive to The Michigan Window™

Inside The Michigan Window

Exclusive energy-efficient foam fills the frames of The Michigan Window, offering exceptional resistance to thermal transfer of heat and cold.

Low-E Sealed Glass

The Michigan Window offers low-e sealed glass with Super Spacer® warm edge technology.

NO-Metal Super Spacer® blocks the heat escape path and protects the glass edge from moisture and condensation. Super Spacer® is up to 950 times less conductive than standard aluminum spacers.

High Performance Vinyl

SunShield® is a proprietary high-performance vinyl compound developed by the material scientists at Deceuninck North America.

SunShield ensures long-lasting color retention and low maintenance and is uniquely formulated to withstand the harsh effects of weather, ultraviolet light and sun exposure.

Superior Performance

Innergy® Rigid Thermal Reinforcements are advanced fiber glass reinforced resin inserts, designed for greater strength and structural reinforcement and insulation.

Virtually impermeable to cold or heat and extremely resistant to condensation.

Inside The Michigan Window

Earthwise Group is a national network of locally owned, independent manufacturers who design and build high‐quality windows and doors. D&W Windows & Sunrooms is the only Earthwise window manufacturer in Michigan.

Our products are the first and only window and door products to be Made in USA Certified, providing superior build quality and craftsmanship for effortless operation.

Window Styles for Every Home and Every Need

ALSO AVAILABLE: Bay Windows, Bow Windows, Picture Windows, Custom Shape Windows and Patio Doors

Upgrade Your Home with State-of-the-Art Replacement Windows

Frankenmuth boasts a delightful mix of outdoor activities, delicious food, and even the world’s largest Christmas store that’s always open, no matter what season it is. But as beautiful as they are, the changing seasons can present a challenge to the durability of your windows. In Frankenmuth, you need windows that can withstand Michigan’s unpredictable weather.

That’s where D&W Windows and Sunrooms comes in. Our top-notch replacement windows, crafted from state-of-the-art materials, provide the perfect solution. You can trust that our innovative products will keep your home cozy for years to come.

Energy Efficient Windows

With cutting-edge innovations like energy efficient foam, low-E glass, and Super Spacer warm edge technology, the “Michigan Window” stands out for its exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures. These advanced features combine to provide superior insulation, keeping your home comfortable year-round while significantly reducing energy consumption.

A Wide Range of Styles

At D&W Windows, we offer an extensive selection of custom-made windows, carefully crafted to match your Frankenmuth home’s architecture. Our window options not only encompass the classic sliding style, but also include cutting-edge tilt wash systems, ensuring effortless maintenance and heightened functionality.

Professional Installation by a Great Team

Put your trust in the experienced team at D&W Windows for all of your replacement window needs in Frankenmuth. Our team is made up of dedicated in-house employees, ensuring that you receive top-notch installation services right in your own home. We’ll go above and beyond to provide you with the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth that you deserve.

Taking You Windows to the Next Level

Are you looking to breathe new life into your beautiful residence in Frankenmuth, MI? Consider upgrading your windows to modern, energy-efficient options that enhance curb appeal and also provide cost savings in the long run. As trusted window experts, we at D&W Windows and Sunrooms are committed to delivering top-notch service and durable replacement windows that will stand the test of time.

Contact us for a free estimate today.

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