Vinyl Siding Installation

New siding can be a substantial investment, so it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing an exceptional product that will add lasting value to your home. At D&W Windows and Sunrooms, we understand that our customers want only the best for their homes, which is why we sell and install vinyl siding from CertainTeed, one of the most reputable brands in the nation.

The natural look of cedar with the durability of vinyl

Beautiful, Rich Appearance

For homeowners who want the beautiful, rich appearance of cedar for their home’s exterior, but don’t want to deal with the additional cost or maintenance associated with true cedar products, we are proud to offer vinyl siding from CertainTeed’s Monogram® collection. CertainTeed has designed this particular line of vinyl siding to mimic the look of painted or stained natural cedar by using the unique TrueTexture™ rough cedar finish, which is molded from real cedar boards.


Color and Styles for Any Home

You can create a home to be proud of with Monogram’s designer palette of over 40 siding and trim colors. Inspired by nature, these colors are designed to harmonize home and environment.

Color performance, impact resistance and durability are assured with our exclusive blend of Certavin™ resin, superior micro-ingredients and state-of-the-art pigment chemistry.

Certainteed Monogram Siding Offers:

  • Heavy-Duty .046″ thickness
  • TrueTexture™ rough cedar finish molded from real cedar boards
  • Patented STUDfinder™ is designed for accurate and secure installation
  • RigidForm™ 220 Technology has been tested to withstand wind load pressures up to 220 mph
  • CertiLock™ self-aligning, post-formed positive lock
  • 3/4″ panel projection
  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Beautiful vinyl siding for Saginaw, MI homes.

Beautiful homes have long been a trademark of Saginaw, Michigan. Continue the trend when you take your home to the next level by installing vinyl siding by D&W Windows and Sunrooms, your local connection. A home upgrade like few others, vinyl siding can literally change the entire look of your Saginaw home.

D&W offers CertainTeed vinyl siding and trim products that come in over 40 different shades and colors. Or if you prefer a true cedar look you can take advantage of the natural wood hue to wrap your home. With such a variety of colors it is easy to present your home in a perfect picture snapshot surrounding its landscape.  Molded and formed from real cedar timber, a vinyl siding approach gives your Saginaw, MI home a rich and appealing appearance at a fraction of the cost of wood. Plus, you no longer will be scraping or painting as vinyl siding offers up to 25-30 years of no fading or maintenance required.

Along with a dazzling new look, vinyl siding also provides insulation benefits that aid your home during extremely cold or brutally warm Mid-Michigan weather patterns. Professional installation includes a waterproof flashing material that prevents moisture seepage as well as impediment of mold buildup. Keeping the bad air out and the good air in goes hand in hand with the expert fitting of D&W’s vinyl siding. This is great news to Saginaw, MI homeowners as it relates to monthly energy costs and additional structure care.

Put a new and modern look on your Saginaw home with the installation of vinyl siding! Prepare all your questions and think about the colors you would most like to see. Then give D&W Windows and Sunrooms a call at 800-833-9831 for a free in-home estimate. It’s the first step to re-establishing your most important investment, your Saginaw home.


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