No matter the size, a sunroom makes an exceptional addition to any home. A sunroom will increase your square-footage, which makes your residence worth more. It provides a sanctuary where you can enjoy nature while remaining comfortably indoors. You can use a sunroom in an unlimited number of ways to make life better for everyone in your family. New Sunroom

Uses for a Sunroom

Child’s Space — If you run a daycare out of your home or you just have children of your own, a sunroom is a perfect space for them to gather and play. You can place chairs and games and a snack area in the sunroom. The kids will enjoy all of the light and the open feeling of the room. If you home-school your children, a sunroom is a great space to hold class. You can place desks in the room and bookcases for school supplies. You can even include a chalkboard.

Adult Space — A sunroom, with its additional space, is a great area to hold dinner parties or even holiday parties. You’ll have room for a long table with plenty of seating. You can include a small bar in one corner where guests can gather and chat while enjoying a drink. In another corner, you can set up a conversation area with comfortable seating where people can sit before or after dinner and relax.

Private Space — You can also use a sunroom as a place to get away and enjoy some solitude. Create a reading room with a comfortable sectional sofa and several bookcases. Or you can set up a small table with a couple of chairs where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night while looking out of the expansive windows. You can even use the sunroom for yoga or as a place to meditate.

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