The dog days of summer are upon us. Temperatures are still soaring into the 90s. Plus, here in Michigan, August can be rainy. From triple-digit temperatures to summer monsoons, there’s still a way to enjoy Michigan seasons without needing to step outside: sunrooms.

An all-season sunroom is perfect for people who need more sunshine in their homes, but need to take extra precautions before going outside. It’s also a great addition for homes without a lot of natural light to begin with. Here are the reasons you should install a sunroom before summer’s over.

Enjoy summer without risking heatstroke

For young children, seniors, and people with chronic health conditions, summer heat isn’t just uncomfortable. It can be life threatening. As temperatures soar, so does the risk for heatstroke or heat exhaustion. Heat stroke is extremely serious and can be fatal; it happens when the body can no longer cool off naturally and your body’s temperature can reach dangerously high fevers within minutes. If you suspect you or a loved one is suffering from heatstroke, call 9-11 immediately!

If heatstroke or heat exhaustion is a concern due a health condition, enjoying the outdoors in the summer can be a gamble. One way to receive the best of both worlds is a well-lit airconditioned room, like a sunroom.

Rainy days won’t get you down

August can be a rainy month. If it’s rainy all the time, it can be hard to enjoy the outdoors. Even when the sun comes out, the ground outside can be so muddy or flooded, you can’t enjoy your own backyard. Also, increasingly, power outages tend to come with summer storms.

A sunroom’s not a solution to a power outage or a flooded yard, but it can provide some relief: a well-lit space to stay in until the power comes on, and a place to enjoy the sun and stay dry. Plus, the music of rain drumming on a windowpane is amazing. Who wouldn’t want an entire room wrapped in that sound?

Prepare for Winter

Warm days can only last so long. In another month or two, temperatures will start dropping again. It can be harder to enjoy the outdoors in winter than in summer. Cold, sleet, and snow all make the Great Outdoors fun for people who love to ski and snowshoe, but for the rest of us, we want a way to enjoy a winter morning without freezing. One way to still enjoy the seasons and stay comfortable is a sunroom.

And if you’re considering a sunroom, you’ll want to have it installed sooner rather than later. Winter’s closer than you think regarding construction projects, and the ground will freeze soon. Once that happens, any outdoor construction projects will need to be put on hold until spring.

It’s not going to be warm forever. If you want an all-season sunroom installed, now’s the time to call – way before the ground freezes. Contact us today about a sunroom installation so you can enjoy the outdoors all year long!