All-season sunrooms are amazing for enjoying the outdoors without frigid temperatures in the winter or scorching heat in the summer. Surrounded by windows, you can still take in all four seasons as if you’re standing outside. It’s a great option for people who need the solace of nature, but are more susceptible to the elements, like heat stroke or hypothermia.

When it comes to decorating, it can be hard where to begin. Since it’s summer, you’re probably going to try to make the most of your sunroom as the temperatures reach scorching levels. Here are some tips to make the most of your space during summer.

What are you using the space for?

Is it time to change up the space’s function? Are you using your sunroom as another living room full of comfy couches? Is it a home office where you can draw inspiration from the outdoors? An indoor garden space? A creative guest room?

Sometimes, it’s time to change up what you use your sunroom for. If it’s time, choose neutral furniture that can compliment whatever decoration you can throw at it. We recommend lighter colors that keep your sunroom bright.


Curtains protect against UV radiation that can get in through your windows, can be opened or closed to keep out glare, and can add fun splashes of color to your sunroom. These also don’t need to be traditional curtains. You can try roll-up blinds for a more natural feel.

Quick touch-ups

If you’re fine with your room as-is, you can still spruce it up for summer. Anything from simple, yellow accents to summery themes (think lush plants, flamingoes, nautical, citrus fruit) can give any room a summery touch. Grab some throw pillows, fake fruit, real or fake plants and transform your sunroom into a summer paradise – complete with AC!

Does all of this sound great … but you don’t have a sunroom? Give us a call today for a consultation! If you’re not sure about the cost, get a free estimate here.