Once you have lived in your house for a while and are ready to move into another home, you may debate whether you should sell your home or give it another purpose. Transforming it into a vacation rental is great because it gives you the opportunity to generate income all year long. Before you start advertising the house as a vacation rental, you should get a new entry door.

Electronic Door Lock

While installing a new entry door is the perfect time to switch to a better lock. Although you can work with standard door locks by showing up to give vacationers the keys when they arrive, you will find it easier to invest in an electronic door lock that allows you to give access remotely.

By picking a high-end lock, you can create several PIN codes that provide entry to the home. Being able to generate and delete these codes at any time will maximize security.

Fresh Paint Job

Although you could give your existing entry door a fresh paint job to make it look good, you will benefit from replacing the entry door as it will not have wear and tear at all. The combination of fresh paint and a brand-new door will help you make the greatest impression with online listings.

When you replace the door, you can also start fresh by picking any color that you desire. If you want to give a bold look to your home, you can make it happen by going bold with the door. You can also work towards a classy look for your vacation rental by sticking with a neutral color.

Improved Security

Although an old entry door will provide some security for the home, you can make sure that you invest in a strong door with exceptional hardware that will keep all your visitors safe. Getting professional help will make it easy to improve home security with the door and hardware choices.

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